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The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania is an employer body which was formed in 1983 to represent the interest of processors of Tasmanian forest products.   Processing activities range from producing veneers, hardwood and softwood timber, panel products, pulp and paper to export woodchips.

There is no doubt that our forests have strong emotional importance for most Tasmanian people.  Equally there are compelling scientific reasons for protecting many of the values they embody, including genetic diversity, the relationship between the species they contain, their clean water yields, and many others.  All these values together are an important contribution to the quality of life of all Tasmanians.

At the same time it is inarguable that the wood-based industry in Tasmania contributes massively to the material quality of life of all Tasmanians.  It also provides the raw material for a host of downstream businesses ranging from builders to fine furniture manufacturers.  Above all, it is a sustainable industry in every sense of the word.

FIAT believes that our quality of life is a function of a range of material and non-material factors.  In this respect, nature conservation and economic goals are not separable.  Rather consideration of both must become intergrated in all our decision making processes.  FIAT takes this philosphical position as a basis for its appproach to business.

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