Wrap Your Gifts in Art

Whatever form of gift-wrapping you like, make sure it is tailored to the receiver, the message, and the occasion at hand. Almost anything may be utilized as a decorative element on a box. Using a digital camera, computer, and printer, you can create personalized sheets and gift tags for your loved ones. Download samples of wrapping paper and gift tags from a plethora of websites all over the Internet.

Make sure you have all of your essential wrapping tools near at hand: scissors, glue, a glue gun, gift-wrap sheets and ribbons, measuring tape or thread, a straight edge ruler, a pen for making gift tags, and double-sided tape in a convenient dispenser.

Before placing tissue paper or other delicate papers over a present box, wrap the box with solid white paper to ensure that it does not appear too thin. Using sharp folds, crease the paper to give it a professional appearance. This will be particularly important if you’re using a medium or heavy weight paper. Also, push out any air bubbles that may have formed between the paper and box.

Listed below are numerous sorts of wrapping materials like bubble wrapping that will provide you with ideas that go beyond traditional paper and ribbons. The packages seen in the image will also provide inspiration. Embrace the possibilities of daily objects in your house, vacations, hobbies, collections, old ephemera, and nature to spark your creativity and find inspiration. People like receiving presents that include an element of surprise; the delight is always found in the small things.

Wrapping Gifts with a Personal Touch

Look for high-quality light or medium weight wrapping sheets that will keep their crisp folds even after repeated use. Unique materials to consider include: katazome-shi (bold prints based on kimono printing techniques), yuzen (textile designs based on kimono printing techniques), washi lace paper, Nepalese lokta paper, Thai unryu (mulberry paper), Florentine marbled paper, Japanese rice paper, glitter paper, sparkle tissue paper, angel hair tissue, watermark lace tissue, crepe paper, brown kraft paper, parchment or waxed paper.

Extending the Imagination Beyond the Basics

Turn cereal and cracker boxes inside out, adorn with ribbon or raffia handles, and store in a cool place. Milk cartons and fresh paint cans can be sprayed and painted in a similar way to the above. Hat boxes, potato chip cans, tea canisters, coffee tins, and Chinese take-out cartons are examples of alternative container concepts. Clean up the recycled object and wrap it with patterned holiday paper or self-stick paper to make it seem more festive. Use bright tissue paper to secure the present in the container, then wrap it with a decorative bow and finish it off with a bow.

Gift Wrap that has been repurposed

Old maps, attractive art from calendar pages, sheets of fine stationery, wallpaper samples, sheet music, old sewing patterns, shopping bags, scrapbook paper, quilt and textile squares, kimono squares, bamboo sushi mats or placemats are just a few of the items that can be used to create one-of-a-kind gift wrappings.

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