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Skateboarding 101 – Understanding the Parts of a Skateboard

Not only is skateboarding a sport of art, but it is also a convenient method of transport that doesn’t get you worrying about parking and more. Perfecting your skateboarding skills not only requires good balance and coordination but rather it also requires a good and quality skateboard that serves its functionality and purpose.

Although we mostly focus on selecting the perfect graphics when it comes to purchasing a skateboard, it is important to check in on the other parts of it too in order to have a better understanding on how it works. There are often eight to twelve elements in skateboards that serve their own function to the overall concept and design of a skateboard. Keep reading as we talk about a few of them in order for you to get a better understanding.

The trucks

There are always two trucks present in your skateboard and they are one of the most crucial mechanical parts presents that help you a great deal in terms of navigation. The skateboard truck is often made of steel and withholds many components within that allow for your skating movements.

The bearings

Bearing are the circular metal discs present within your wheels. There are a total pf eight bearings in every skateboard that allow for smooth spinning of the wheels. Whether you’re purchasing a new skateboard or looking to replace its bearings, you need ask yourself what bearings do you need for your longboard?

The grip tape

Like the name alone suggests, a grip tape is a sheet on the deck of the skateboard that provides the skateboarder with a grip and traction. It is a sandpaper material that has adhesive present on the back of it. However, the materials often vary depending on the quality and type of product. Having a drip tape however doesn’t mean that you can’t get your graphics, so do not worry!

The wheels

Of course, every skateboard has its set of wheels. However, there’s more to wheels than just helping your push through and skate. The size of the wheels can determine the speed and safety of your skateboarding process. You also need to determine the hardness of each wheel and not just the size.

The shock pads

Shock pads is a layer present between the deck and trucks of your skateboard. Made of a more malleable and rubbery material, the purpose of a shock pad is to help absorb any shock lowering the impact when you do flips or jump from air to ground. This also protects your skateboard from immediate damages.

The hardware

The hardware contains of several elements that lead to the overall function of a skateboard. Like any mechanical objects, the hardware of your skateboard consists of nuts, bolts as well as screws that hold your entire skateboard together.

Last but not the least, the component that makes a skateboard whole is the deck. The wooden surface of your skateboard allows you to stand on it. There are many different shapes for you to select from.

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