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Understand their pain even though they can’t talk

Horse riding can be a good sport and a fun activity. But with the required protection. Every so often, some types of injuries cannot be prevented even after enough precautions. As all organisms, horses canhave higher risk of injury when they grow old. Riders should be well aware of the therapeutic procedures for different types of injuries. Horses can get into any form of injury at any time.

It is a rider’s responsibility to give enough care and rest needed for a horse. It is always good to make sure the horse gets the best form of therapy, so it can recover faster and completely. Riders who wish the best for their horses will not think about the money they spend on these procedures, as the wellbeing of the horse is more important. Horses have numerous muscles, so sores and bruises are very common after a ride. Using therapeutic tools helps in relieving pain and improve the wellbeing of the horse. It also prevents further dangerous complications.

Therapeutic tools used to improve the performance and health of horses. Most common therapies are ice boots, magnetic blankets, magnetic poll wands, heat lamps and so on. The type of therapy depends solely on the requirements of every horse.

Ice boots

Ice boots for horses can be used to treat exhausted legs of horses. Used as a medical treatment. Ice used to reduce the inflammation, it has an effective and fast anti-inflammatory property. Mostly used in sprains, bruising, or strains. Kept frozen between uses. It is the easiest and proven method of medicine.

Magnetic blankets

These blankets can be used pre-work or post workout for horses. These contain magnets which create electromagnetic waves which increase cellular activities. It also helps to reduce swelling and improve blood circulation in horses. These are blankets which can be placed on the back of a horse covering a large surface area of the body.

Magnetic poll wands

Mostly used in nervous or anxious horses to calm them down before a ride. It improves the functions of nervous system of horses. These are made of breathable neoprene. Can only be used when the horse has a regular, stable heart rate.

Light therapy

Light commonly used are infrared and visible red. These lights bring a biological change in cellular levels. It facilitates angiogenesis, formation of new blood vessels in the applied area. It increases the blood flow to that area and increases the metabolism. Not only that, but it fastens healing. Furthermore, it’s good to use a breathable and moisture wicking linings. Has countless benefits on horses.

All the riders have a problem in choosing the correct therapy for their horses. Riders always wants to give the best type of therapy for their horses. Currently, there are varieties of therapies available. It is always good to use protective equipment and prevent injury. Also use therapeutic tools to increase the well-being and performance of the horses. Therapies should be provided to horses once in a while.

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