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Freight Transportation and Logistics Services An Overview

The world over, companies, whether they are small businesses or large enterprises, are always on the lookout for freight transportation services that can offer them cutting-edge solutions, that will enable them to do better business with their clients and customers. If you feel you need to hire a freight company but are not sure why you should, think of the freight company as a partnership that will take the planning, implementation, and movement of your goods away from your task list, to attend to it with professionalism to free up time and energy for you to focus on other important aspects of your business. 

The movement of goods whether it is international or domestic can be a complicated affair even for businesses that have been in operation for a long period. There are multiple factors to consider and manage in freight transportation and logistics. This means hiring or partnering with the right freight transportation service is paramount. Did you know shippers spend a lot of money on freight that is damaged? This is another reason to work with a company that has a reputation for excellence in freight services. Goods damaged en route to destination cost more than money, it costs you your reputation and relationship with your clients and customers. Although not entirely avoidable, a good freight transportation company can minimise these damages for you. 

Here are 4 deliverables a good logistics provider should offer your business.

Logistics:logistic companies (also referred to as 3PL) offer outsourced logistics services to businesses. These services include the management of one or more aspects of procurement, distribution and fulfilment activities. By taking away the worry of managing logistics these companies free up time for businesses to focus on more important aspects of the business. A third-party logistics provider can be a single entity such as a freight transportation management company or a company offering a range of services capable of supply chain management.

Trucking and transportation: a third-party logistics company will do more for your business than just book your freight. They will take care of shipments from factory to warehouse or warehouse to your customer or both. In short, they act as an extension of your transportation division and can even handle all your transportation jobs.

Intermodal trucking and drayage: many companies would require intermodal shipping services. When your shipment arrives in a location by any mode of transportation used, it will still need to be sent to a warehouse or a distribution centre via a truck. In instances like this, you will want your 3PL operator to provide additional services such as container drayage, container stripping and stuffing etc.

Distribution and warehousing: some third-party logistics companies will have their warehouse, which enables them to provide their clients with storage and order fulfilment services. A 3PL that offers warehousing and distribution will handle your storage, shipping and returns to play a bigger role in managing your logistics. They should also have a tracking system to provide visibility of your goods every step of the way.

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