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Ways to Disinfect your Drinking Water

Why should you be disinfecting your drinking water? well, wouldn’t you wear shoes before stepping foot out of the house? Wouldn’t you put your seatbelt on before setting off on your journey? Wouldn’t you take a spare set of clothes when heading off on a vacation? It’s for safety purposes. Over the years, waterborne illnesses such as polio and cholera have claimed countless lives.  Simply put dirty water is dangerous and disinfecting it is absolutely crucial in the effort to be safer citizens.

If you’re looking to disinfect your water by way of filtration, then we have the perfect product for you. Go ahead and visit water disinfection. They sell the finest products when it comes to disinfection, and they are one of the best ways that you can ensure your safety. However, filtration is not the only way that you can disinfect water. There exist a wide variety of different ways to do it and we’ll be going over them today.

The standard method of disinfecting water for centuries has been boiling. Good ol’ heat treatment kills any pathogens and viruses that are in the water and makes it ok to drink. This is usually the cheapest way that you can purify your water because all it requires is a little bit of heat. If you are going to be using the boiling method to disinfect your water, then go ahead and get the kettle up to a rolling boil and keep it there for around 3 minutes. This will make it a lot safer than if you only got it a little warm. Leave the boiled water out for a little while so that it can cool before you can drink it. Do bear in mind that though boiling kills all the bacteria and viruses in the water, it won’t do anything to the chemical makeup of the water. Meaning that if there is still a lot of mercury, lead and various chemicals in the water, boiling won’t get rid of them.

Another great way to clean your water that is prevalent in modern world is the process of filtration. Filtration is the process of sending water through a lot of different kinds of filtering materials so that the filters catch any pathogens and separate all of the toxic chemicals. Water filtration is one of the things that has advanced civilization to the state that it is in because water filters can be found even in places where fuel is a bit low, and water can’t be boiled due to the prices of fuel. In addition to being cost effective, it is also a very effective method of purification because it all occurs within a closed system and little water is lost in the process.

Finally, one of the most widespread ways of disinfecting your water is by chlorination. Chlorine is basically a gas that the government or another water processing body adds to untreated water to kill the pathogens.

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