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Using LED Strip Lights for Ambient Lighting

LED strip lights can set the mood and affect the ambience of any space. You can use them in an office, café, living room, bedroom, bathroom etc. There are so many options available for how they can be used to elevate the space.

Ambient lighting is also known as general lighting

And this will be the main source of illumination in a space. This will provide overall visibility and set the tone for the space. Task lighting serves a specific functional purpose and you can use LED strips for this as well. But in this article, we are focusing on how LED strip lighting can be used for ambient lighting. This will allow you to create a welcoming and comfortable space where you can socialise, relax or be productive. It all depends on what the context is. LED strip lights are known for their energy efficiency, flexibility and ability to provide vibrant illumination. These are easy to install and they come in tin flexible strips so that you can easily add ambient lighting to outdoor and indoor settings. You can conceal LED strip lights within ceiling coves so that soft indirect illumination for the space can be provided. This will bathe the room in a warm glow. This can be mounted along the perimeter of the ceiling or recessed into the ceiling. You can also define the architectural features of your home with LED strip lights along with decorative elements.

Some of the architectural features

That can be highlighted with LED strip lights are columns, alcoves and archways. You can place the LED strips strategically so that they can either accentuate the structural elements or wash the walls. You can try experimenting with different light intensities or angles to see how best to draw attention to focal points. You can illuminate display shelves, kitchen countertops etc. with LED strip lights when you install them underneath. This will improve visibility for tasks like reading, preparing food etc. But they will also add visual interest and depth to the space. To create a cosy ambience, you can choose warm white or neutral tones. But you can also select colour changing LED strips so that dynamic lighting effects can be created.

You can use LED strip lights

As mood lighting for entertainment areas like bars, home theatres, gaming rooms etc. Immersive lighting scenes can be created so that they can synchronise with movies, music or gaming. This will improve the sensory experience. You can choose dimmable LED strips so that the brightness level of the room can be adjusted. You can use these in outdoor entertaining spaces such as decks, patios or the garden to illuminate pergolas, deck railings, pathways etc. This will improve the outdoor experience and encourage socialising and relaxation. A relaxing retreat can be created in your bedroom with LED strip lights by having them installed under the bed frame, along the headboard or behind curtains. This will help you wind down at the end of the day.

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