How to Properly Store and Maintain Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair wigs are a natural looking alternative and you can wear this for many reasons whether it is for convenience, fashion or medical reasons. You have to store and maintain them properly so that the longevity and quality of the wig can be preserved.

When storing a hair human wig, you can purchase a wig stand or mannequin head so that the shape and structure of the wig can be maintained when you are not wearing it. And make sure that the stand has a wide base so that it cannot tip over. By properly storing the wig, you can prevent matting, tangling and other forms of damage. You also need to make sure that the wig is stored away from direct sunlight. The hair can fade when it is exposed to direct sunlight and has a tendency to become brittle. Make sure your storage space is cool and dry. There should not be any sources of humidity or heat such as bathrooms, sunlight or radiators in the vicinity. When your wigs are stored in a place with excessive heat and moisture, it can damage the hair fibres and lead to frizzing. You can cover the wig with a scarf or net so that it can be protected from dust and debris.

You also need to clean the wig from time to time by washing

This will remove oil, dirt or build-up of styling products on the wig. You can use a wig brush or wide toothed comb so that any tangles or knots in the wig can be gently brushed out. You can then fill a sink or clean basin with lukewarm water. You can add a few drops of mild shampoo to this. There are shampoos that are formulated especially for human hair wigs. You can then submerge the wig in the water and start swishing it around gently. You should not rub or twist the hair as it can lead to matting or tangling. Clan water can be used to rinse the wig thoroughly. A bit of conditioner can be used on the wig and you can focus this on the ends and the mid-lengths. This can be left on for a few minutes and rinsed thoroughly. A towel can be used to dry the wig. You should not be twisting or wringing it as it can damage the wig. You can place it on the wig stand so that it can naturally air dry.

You can style human hair wigs like you do with natural hair

And while heat styling is not recommended to be done frequently, you can use a low to medium heat setting and apply a heat protectant spray before you use the tool. Hot tools should not be used on the wig cap or the lace front as it can cause damage. Overstyling should be avoided which means avoiding excessive combing or brushing. You have to be gentle when styling the wig. Smooth motions should be used without pulling on the hair fibres. This is why using a wide toothed comb is recommended.

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