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Tactical Pens: A Quick Guide

The saying “Anything can be employed as a weapon” has probably crossed your mind. You’ll undoubtedly believe it after you learn what a tactical pen is. The typical everyday pen is not a tactical pen. They are complete self-defence weapons and life-saving survival equipment. The tactical pen can improve your odds of survival, whether you’re trying to signal for aid, need to fight yourself, or are trapped in a flooded car.

A Tactical Pen: What Is It?

A tactical self-defence pen is essentially a writing implement those doubles as a practical weapon and a covert everyday carry (EDC). To resist impact, these pens are typically constructed from sturdy materials like anodized aluminium, steel, or titanium. They have small, stiff handles that provide a better grip and are only a few inches in size.

You’ll see a range of distinct characteristics depending on the pen. For instance, some pens have whistles that can be used to signal for assistance, and others are marketed as pen knives that have fully honed knives attached.

Utilizing a Tactical Pen

If you carry a tactical pen as your main everyday carry item, you should be familiar with how to utilise it in an emergency or for self-defence. There are several tools available to teach yourself how to use a tactical pen, including Videos online and programmes in martial arts that are specifically geared at using pens.

The ability to break glass with a tactical pen makes escape one of the most common justifications for carrying one. The sturdy shell of the pen can be used to apply pressure to the glass and shatter it if you ever find yourself locked in a car or your dog becomes caught inside your car. This is especially helpful if you find yourself stranded under water and unable to escape.

Many tactical pens also include lights, DNA collectors, and whistles. These features can all be useful in a variety of circumstances, such as when you need to identify an assailant after the event, call for assistance, or navigate a dangerous and dark region.

These pens make excellent alternatives to larger powerful weapons for self-defence. With the proper attitude, they may be just sufficient to prevent attacks and provide you piece of mind. You can check out the WE knife tactical pens online.

Pros and Cons of Tactical Pens

These are excellent self-defence and getaway weapons, particularly if used skilfully, but it doesn’t imply they will always be able to save your life. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of making a tactical pen your main everyday carry.


First of all, they blend in well. They resemble pens in particular and nothing else. While a knife looks to be a deadly weapon and is typically forbidden to have when the blade is exposed, you may utilise this to your benefit by holding it freely in your palm without coming across as threatening.

Second, relative to other weapons, they need less training. Compared to knives and guns, which need far more training, they are less dangerous. Although not nearly as much as when using other weapons, some training is required in order to utilize your pen effectively.


They don’t necessary appear to be menacing, which is one drawback. Taking out a pen in a life-or-death scenario might not be intimidating to anybody. So even if you can hide your pen, it might not always deter people from approaching you.

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