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Reasons to Use Silicone Rubber in Mould Making

Liquid silicone is produced by the combination of different compounds through a chemical reaction. This is actually a silicone based primer and the chemical reaction produces a material that is flexible and durable. You can use liquid silicone in so many different industries such as food, textiles, automotive etc. And it is used to make moulded parts.

Manufacturers for medical devices are also interested in liquid silicone rubber as it has a biocompatibility with human tissues. It is also hypoallergenic. It offers resistance to bacteria and mould as well. The flexibility and transparency of liquid silicone rubber make it ideal for the lighting industry as well. There are many reasons why silicon liquid Australia is used to make moulds. One of the major advantages is that it comes with high stability. The silicone rubber mould will hold up against high temperatures and it will not creep or melt. So it can be used in heavy duty applications without any worry. So it can bear temperatures up to 180 degrees Celsius.Silicone rubber has improved thermoplastic elastomers that can withstand chemical damage in a wide range of environments and medium temperatures. It will have resistance to many common chemicals. Liquid silicone is also water resistant and this is a great benefit when creating products that will not be affected by moisture. 

Many thermoplastic elastomers tend to lose their flexibility when they are in extreme conditions for some time. You will notice these getting brittle and hardened and some of these will start to crack forcing you to make more moulds. But you can create products that can withstand a lot of harsh conditions without losing their integrity. And this is used very commonly in low temperature conditions as the products made of silicone rubber can actually bear up to negative 50 degrees Celsius. Liquid silicone rubber that is used to make moulds has very low compression sets which means they can resist deforming permanently even when they are under consistent strain. The material will retain its elasticity even when it is compressed for a long period of time or goes through changes in temperature.

You can create products that stand up well with age when making moulds with silicone rubber. But this also depends on the quality and feasibility of the products used in injection moulding. Products made of cured silicone can bear extreme weather conditions, ageing and UV radiation so these are a good option for products that are made for outdoor applications. You can safely use these in applications that have long term exposure to harsh weather and climatic conditions.Liquid silicone rubber has good shelf life. Silicone is heavily used in many electronic devices and this is due to its electrical resistance. You can find it in many electrical parts and high voltage uses. When you use silicone moulds for electrical devices, the devices will be able to withstand corona discharges. While liquid silicone rubber can with stand high electrical stress, this will not impact the conductivity of your product.

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