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Most Economic Friendly Gifts – Promotional Drink Bottles

Bottled water is popular among people. This is because it is safe, healthy and hygienic. It is also easy to carry bottles filled with water outdoors, during travel or at workplaces. This could be the reason why it is very popular among people who wish to have a product that could carry the name effectively. 

You could opt to customise various promotional products in bulk such as lanyards, stubby coolers, promotional drink bottles, Australia etc. In Australia. You could go through the link provided: check out for more products that you could customise by adding a message, logo or slogan of the company and gift it to the clients, employees or well-wishers to increase brand awareness and promote the company indirectly.

Advertising is important to succeed in business. If you keep it in mind, you could observe that many brands have started using water bottles for the promotion of their business as it could be very affordable. By keeping an environment-friendly consumption motto in mind, the brands could make use of reusable plastic bottles as a tool for advertisement. Gifting useful items to the customer would make them feel appreciated and good. 

Using Plastic Water Bottles for branding and marketing

There are different reasons brands would make use of plastic water bottles as a method of promotion. Some of them could be:

  • It is a User-friendly and Safe tool

When compared to glass bottles or containers, plastic bottles are a safer option to use. You don’t have to fear them breaking into different pieces like glass bottles. The overall manufacturing and packing process would be safe and easy. They could be tough and effective in fighting chemicals. As a result, it will not burst or leak. At the time of shipping, the bottles need no extra protection. It is a versatile product that could be gifted to anyone, regardless of their age and gender. No matter who your target audience is, you could customise the plastic bottle for anyone. Hence, any business could easily invest money in promotional plastic bottles and use them.

  • Available in various colours and shapes

The best part of plastic is that it could be moulded into any shape. This would increase their utility and help improve their appearance. It could also be customised as per your requirements to highlight the brand name so that they reach the eyes of the maximum number of customers. Their availability in various sizes like small, medium or large would fit into any budget and you could buy them in bulk. 

  • The lightweight product you could carry anywhere

Plastic bottles are lightweight when compared to glass and other materials. This would reduce the energy and cost of shipping. The overall manufacturing cost of bottles for advertising purposes would be lesser. Even if you distribute it as a free giveaway, it would be easy to carry and your brand gains maximum exposure for free. Hence, promotional drink bottles have turned out to be an effective tool for promotion.

  • Is reusable and could be recycled

Plastic bottles could be recycled easily into other materials. It means that they are eco-friendly bottles and convey the same message to people when it is gifted as a promotional bottle. Other than this, custom disposable water bottles could be reused which could help in increasing their popularity. People would love to receive an environment-friendly gift and invest money and time in the business. 

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