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Guide to Buying A Refrigerated Van

Whether you are already in stable business or a start-up looking to expand, you will need to have a refrigerated van if you happen to be transporting any kind of perishable goods. It is the one guaranteed way in which you are able to maintain the standard or the quality of the products that you provide. It is also something that is mandatory when you think about the safety of your customers. The process of buying may not be as simple as you think as the size, capacity and temperature control all come into play. You should be able to grow in capacity as your business grows as well.

Temperature Control

This is going to be one of the first things that you should consider when you are thinking of transporting perishable items. They could be anything from sandwiches to flowers and medication. Most of these transport refrigeration options will have temperature control but you need to make sure that they fall within the ranges that are applicable to you.

If you are carrying food for instance you will need two compartments. One will be at ambient temperature and the other will be used for chilling purposes. Any type of fish, meat or poultry all come with the ideal temperatures at which they must be stored and therefore you will need to make sure that you choose a vehicle that fits in.

What Kind of Goods Are You Transporting?

Along with the importance that is allocated to temperature, the kind of products that you are carrying will also come into play in helping you decide what you need to buy. Especially the size of it. There are many different types that you can choose from.

A van that is insulation only has been designed to make sure that there is a cooler temperature within and that it will not overheat during the hot summer days. It is something that is ideal for florists to work with. You also have other options like vans made for chilling, semi-freezer type vans and even complete freezer type vans that will give you a complete range of temperatures that you need.

How to Handle Your Payload?

One more thing that you need to think about is the payload that you have and how that will exactly fit into the vehicle. If you happen to be carrying poultry for instance, you will be expected to hang the meat which means that you will need to have a bigger vehicle.

You should ideally have easy access to all the contents inside the van and you should also be able to maximize on the space available. You do not want a van that looks big but the interior space has been taken up by the design of the vehicle itself. That would be beating the purpose.

The Doors Are Important

Here is something that most of us do not think about. If you are delivering to several different places it is essential that the temperature is maintained while you open and close when taking products out and putting them in. when doors are opened the temperature will drop. think whether you need back doors or side doors. Use strip curtains or the likes in order to prevent the heat from climbing up when you make multiple deliveries.

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