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Listing Down a Hairdresser’s Arsenal

After a long day of work, the product should be light enough that you won’t feel like you’ve been lifting heavy weights at the end of the day. It should also have cutting-edge ionic technology, which reduces damage while accelerating drying time and leaving hair looking glossy and frizz-free.

Professional ionic blow dryer with ceramic tourmaline is our favourite, which we previously evaluated. With a weight of less than one pound, it is extremely portable. It provides powerful airflow while being whisper-quiet.

The Appropriate Combs for the Situation – Hair combs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to make a variety of tasks easier, such as creating clean sections while cutting, colouring, or styling hair; utilizing barber scissors rather than clippers or clippers rather than comb techniques; and separating, straightening, and shaping the hair. A Comb Set, which includes a tail comb, a short cutting comb, a long cutting comb, and a broad cutting comb, will meet all of your hair style demands in one package.

Curling Iron (also known as a curling wand) – If you only have room for one curling iron in your collection, go for a 1 inch curling iron because the barrel is not too small and you will not end up with ringlets that are too tight, but it is large enough to produce just the right amount of bend and wave, making this product extremely adaptive and versatile. Wrapping the hair around the barrel may be done in a variety of ways to generate curls that range from loose and natural to polished and exquisite in appearance. Because of the control and the range of approaches that can be performed with a marcel curling iron, we always recommend it above a spring curling iron when it comes to specialists.

A Razor Edge – If you want to remove hair quickly while still generating superb texture, this is an absolute must-have item in your arsenal. Like the look of hair that is a little more lived-in, rather than one that is perfectly straight and precise? Make use of a razor to cut your hair. The versatility and control provided by a changeable blade razor that can be used for basic straight razor cutting, blending, and texturizing will far outweigh the limitations of a disposable blade razor. Aside from that, an ergonomic finger design keeps your hand in a natural position, which reduces strain, so look for this feature when searching for a new razor.

Paddle Brush (optional) – When it comes to detangling hair, a paddle brush is the most efficient and safest approach available. The flat-wrapping or volumizing brush is also a good alternative for finishing with a finishing product after flat-wrapping or volumizing your hair. Furthermore, the wide, rectangular surface is ideal for creating tension across a large surface area while blow drying hair, which is still another advantage. A soft cushioned base and ball-tipped nylon bristles that have been infused with tourmaline in the design are important features to look for when purchasing a brush. Increased tension and shine in the hair will be achieved with less effort as a result of this.

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