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Identifying the Need to Revamp Your Brand

A brand is the face of your company so you need to make sure that you have a strong brand that is easily recognisable by customers. When you are first starting out, the values and goals of the company may not be clearly mapped out and you will not have a very strong brand name. It takes time and research to create a strong brand name that will carry out your reputation in the market.

There are companies such as that specialise in brand revamping so that the company gets more effective marketing and can create a strong name for them. There are many indications that will help you figure out whether you need to rebrand your company or not. First, to identify what you need as a company, you have to understand the difference between refreshing your brand and rebranding. A brand refresh will not eliminate your current branding and it will use certain elements of the existing brand to create an image that is more relevant to today. Sometimes,  your brand image can be outdated when it comes to the trends of today and refreshing it can give a new look and provide a point of interest as well. But you need to make sure that this refreshing is carried out to all components of the company. When refreshing the brand, you can use a new colour palette and fonts for the logo, update the tag line and give a new look to the marketing materials you already have. You can also update your website design. 

When you feel like you have had the same branding for some years and it looks outdated, you can go for a brand refresh. Your customers will still be able to recognise the brand and it will not affect their loyalty. You will also be able to focus the branding elements that are loose and inconsistent at the moment. This way, you will be able to maintain the same company face throughout all platforms. If you are expanding your product range, and the current branding is limited, you can refresh it to make sure that all your services, products and values reflect in the new image. Sometimes, your target audience may change and the previous branding efforts don’t target this new customer. So you will need to refresh the branding to include the new audience.

When you want to go more in depth and be more comprehensive in branding, you can go for rebranding. This will fully change the identity of the business. You can create a new personality for the company and a branding message. There’s a lot more work involved in rebranding and this is done when the current identity of the company is out of date. Your company will have evolved away from the current branding you have. The demands of your industries can change and to respond to this, you need to have a strong branding. This will ensure that you stay ahead of your competition. If you are marketing a new service or product that is no longer related to what you did, you will need to rebrand according to your new audience.

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