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Greatness of women can never be put into words

Women are a great asset of this world. Women make life better for everyone. They have different stages in their lives, in all of these stages they make life beautiful for everyone around them.  When a girl is born, she brings immense happiness to the houses, especially to her father. She makes life meaningful to her father. When she grows up and has siblings, she takes care of her siblings and give all her love to them, making their life happy and safe. When she is a friend, she does everything to support her friends and makes their life beautiful. Once she gets married, she makes her husband’s life happy and meaningful. Once she becomes a mother, she spends all her life thinking about the betterment of her husband and kids.

Women don’t think about themselves when it comes to their loved ones. They are willing to sacrifice anything for the happiness of their loved ones.

Position of women can change from population to population. Different populations of people have different traditions and way of life. In developing countries, they will be women who are housewives and women who work. In developed countries, most of the women are working women. They have no holidays from their duties, even though they have a holiday at work during weekends. Generally, no one thinks about their happiness.

Due to all these conditions, there is no enough time for relaxation and rest for women. They tend to have stress, which can end up in depression. Depression is a mental disorder in which the mood and activity reduces. This can cause serious problems in life and end up in suicide. It’s important to have a supportive partner who makes you happy mentally and sexually. Sex is an essential part of a woman life which can help her relieve stress. When women don’t get enough love and sexual pleasure by their partners, it can lead to serious depression.

In ancient times, when women was depressed, it was called as hysteria. As a treatment for this condition, vibrator was introduced. This made women easy to get sexual pleasure even without the help of her partner. This made women’s life better those days, and they were treated from their condition of depression.  Vibrators are used by half of women population now.

It’s essential to do things to appreciate women and make them feel happy. It could be a minimal gesture of love, it can still make them delighted when it comes from their loved ones. As they spend their whole lives thinking about the wellbeing of us, it’s essential to show love towards every woman in our lives. They never expect anything in return from us, even after doing so much for us. We should always remember their kind actions towards us. Women are capable of doing anything, they can be a great successful person in their field of profession as well.  We should make it a habit to respect and appreciate each woman around us and preach this to our young ones as well.

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