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Considerations for Purchasing an Angus Cow

Angus cattle are a popular choice in the beef industry and it is important to carefully plan the purchasing process. There are many factors that you will need to consider to ensure the overall health of the cattle along with biosecurity.

You need to be clear about your goals for the herd and the purpose for buying more cattle

Maybe you are looking for breeding stock or selecting cattle for premium beef production. By having a good understanding of your goals, you can navigate the purchasing process better. For example, if you are purchasing an Angus black cow you need to consider how the genetic traits, gender and age can contribute to your goal. You may focus on characteristics such as growth rate, carcass quality, feed efficiency etc.

By having a good idea of your goals, you can select cows that align with your long term goals. You need to source Angus cattle from reputed sellers and breeders. You will need to research different breeders and check what their history is when it comes to breeding quality Angus cattle. You can also ask fellow ranchers for recommendations. There are industry events where you can learn more information. Online reviews will also give you an idea about the reputation of the sellers.

When you select reputed sellers or breeders?

You have some assurance that they practice ethical breeding practices that improve the desirable traits in Angus cattle. This ensures the quality of the animals you purchase and their genetic integrity. You can also visit the facilities to get an idea of how they are handled and housed. This will give insight into the overall health of the cattle. The genetic quality and pedigree of the cows have to be considered. You can ask the supplier to give you detailed pedigree information and the genetic background so that you can get an idea of the potential for achieving desirable traits in their offspring. As you will have an idea of the genetic traits that are relevant to your goals, you can look for breeders that prioritise on these factors. You also need to consider the growth rate and maternal qualities of the cows.

The success of your operation will depend on the health of the Angus cows

So you need to ensure that the cows you purchase are in good health without any chronic conditions. You can ascertain this by asking for comprehensive health records of each cow you are looking to purchase. These records should include any treatments the cows have has along with their vaccination history. You should also consider the physical structure of the cow. They should have a well-balanced body structure, a healthy coat and strong legs. These factors will contribute to their ability to move, graze and reproduce. The age of the cow has to be considered as well along with their reproductive history. There will be more productive years ahead when you purchase younger cows. But older cows can also be beneficial as there is proven reproductive history so you will have an immediate return on your investment.

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