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Cling Wrap vs Stretch Film: Which One Is the Best?

If you package any kind of pallet or product, you’ve probably had to choose between stretch film and cling wrap. While the words stretch film and cling wrap are often used interchangeably, they are fundamentally different substances. And you’re not unique when you get these 2 terms mixed up.

Fortunately, the team has explained the differences among stretch film and cling wrap in great detail. Keep reading to find out more, and don’t fear to contact a professional for the finest advice.

Stretch Film: What Is It?

Stretch film, often known as stretch wrap, is a transparent, elastic material that is wrapped around pallets or boxes prior to transit and shipping. Stretch film’s distinctive elastic rebounding or stretchability makes it suitable for fastening objects and ensuring that they are tightly bonded.

When contrasted to other forms of material, stretch film is a very cost-effective and effective way to secure boxes or merchandise. When the stretch wrap is stretched, it provides exceptional protection.

Stretch Films of Various Types

Stretch film comes in a variety of forms, sizes, formulas, and thicknesses since one-size-fits-all solutions rarely happen. The following are among the most prevalent varieties of stretch film:

Stretching Film by Machine

Machine stretched film is intended to be applicable by a machine, as the name implies. Safety, efficiency, speed, and reduced material costs are just a few of the advantages it has over hand stretched film. Machines stretch film, on the other hand, results in more secure loading.

Stretch Film for Hands

Unlike machines stretch material, hand stretch film is intended to be stretched by hand. In smaller companies, this sort of film is frequently used. While hand extend film may not have the speed, efficiency, or size of machine stretch, it is an appealing alternative if you don’t want to invest in a stretch film equipment.

Stretch Film Types that Have Been Pre-Stretched

Film that has been pre-stretched has indeed been stretched to its greatest crisis point. Because it’s already been extended, it does not require quite so much effort or energy to apply as a regular stretch film might.

What Does Cling Wrap Mean?

Cling wrap, also known as cling material, plastic wrap, Saran film, or Glad wrap, is a thin film used to encapsulate food in boxes to keep it fresh for longer. Cling wrap is typically marketed in boxes with a cutting edge on rolls. This substance is made to stick to both smooth and rough surfaces. Cling wrap is designed to keep a tight stretch for a long time without using adhesive. You can check online to buy compostable cling wrap.

Cling Wrap Varieties

Cling wrap in homes is typically 75 feet long, however most commercial roles begin at 1000 feet. The usual gauge or depth of saran wrap is 35, but you can choose from a range of widths and clinging wrap types.

Cling Wrap Box with Cutter

The saran wraps with cutter box, which is the usual form on consumer-grade products, is among the most prevalent varieties of cling wrap. Commercial-grade cling wrap without cutter box is ideal for use in eateries, bakers, and kitchens since it is so much more durable. It has a cutter box with metal teeth running the length of the box to make tugging and tearing easier.

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