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5 Reasons Why a Sauce Might be Mandatory to a Dish

There are so many reasons why you simply wouldn’t eat your dish without the right sauce to go with it. Here are 5 possible reasons why a sauce is generally added to a dish.

To add Contrast

Sauces are a great way to achieve contrast in taste in a particular dish. For instance, applesauce works as a perfect contrast when added to roasted pork. Both these elements in the dish have a completely contrasting taste – they are so contrasting that they go so well together!

Thus, unlike what you always thought, a sauce isn’t always a flavour ‘enhancer’, but can be an independent element that is added to achieve contrast in taste. It takes a little bit of experimenting and talent to understand what contrasting flavours you could combine to have the desired outcome in a specific dish. 

Sauces Add Sharpness & Tanginess

Sometimes, a sauce is used to uplift the flavour in a dish by adding some tanginess to it. If you have got a somewhat bland dish, whether it is supposed to be so by nature, or if it turned out bland by mistake, adding the right sauce might just make it go from ‘simple’ to ‘wholesome’ just like that! In other words, a sauce truly can make a huge difference in the way a specific dish tastes and how much you will enjoy it!

Adds Texture

Have you noticed that most sauces have a sort of garnish that gives it the special texture it has? These sauces, when added to a specific dish, enhance the finish, in terms of texture in particular, making the dish feel and look wonderful. Think about a specific dish – how it would turn out if it lacked the texture, it normally has in the end? Sometimes, that texture could be the whole reason why you love that dish so much! 

Enhance Flavour

As mentioned earlier on, sauces can work as the perfect enhancement of flavours in a specific dish. A dish with a very subtle flavour could be enriched beautifully with the addition of a sauce with the same/similar flavour.

The perfect example, here, would be grilled meat. Think about how a Texas BBQ sauce is added to grilled chicken, and how you simply wouldn’t want to have alternate combo because the sauceis just the perfect enhancement and you’d never find anything better!

To Improve Appearance

Sauces are sometimes mandatory when it comes to presentation of food. Some sauces are great for covering up certain flaws, or simply to make a dish look a lot more appealing. Some of the great sauces have an amazing texture too, which becomes an added feature that makes it look delectable!

Real chefs know why they should Never underestimate some of these great sauces, and thata sauce is a lot more than a simple source of flavour!Ask the experts and they’d tell you how merely pouring some over a dull dish not only uplifted flavour, but also transformed it to make it look like a million bucks just like that!

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