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Where to Use Illuminated Signage

Signage is a common sight whenever you step outside and as we live in a largely capitalistic world, this is how so many businesses communicate with us. And popular cities will be lit up at night with store signage, digital signage, billboards etc. that it can look very engaging to the eye. This article looks at illuminated signs and where they may best be utilised.

As mentioned above, storefronts use illuminated signs the majority of the time.

Many people have busy lifestyles and a lot of the time, they will go to the city at nighttime to do their shopping and eat. Therefore, illuminated signs have become quite commonplace. Your storefront can stand out from the others when you use illuminated signage. Also, as you can use illuminated pylon signs, oncoming vehicles will see it at a distance and know that you are open. But as so many stores use illuminated signs, you will need to rely on the creativity of the signwriting company to help you stand out. You can also have illuminated indoor signage designed by Alpha Lewis Signs  provide wayfinding and communicate information to customers inside the store. For example, an illuminated company lobby can be in the lobby of an office building or you can have signs showing where fit on rooms are in a clothing shop.

Many restaurants and bars use illuminated signage as these operate late into the night.

This way, customers will be able to know which businesses are open at this time of the night. This is an easy way to advertise that you are open and you can also have promotional signage illuminated at the front so that it can persuade customers to visit the establishment. So many retail stores make use of illuminated signage to attract customers and this is a great way to let customers know of ongoing sales and offers. Outdoor advertising uses illuminated signage majority of the time and these can be used in high traffic areas such as public spaces and highways to catch the eye of people. And creative advertisements can help customers remember your brand and business name. People tend to gravitate towards businesses they are familiar with and by creating a link through a creative advertisement, you are becoming known to customers little by little.

Any business,

Institution or facility that operated 24/7 will use illuminated signage to let people know of their location at all times. This is especially important for medical facilities. By having these facilities be very visible, you can make it easy for people to find help in an emergency. Gas stations are another service that uses illuminated signs for the convenience of customers. Many hotels use illuminated signs to both communicate their brand and give a sense of luxury. They can also advertise key areas of the hotels through illuminated signs so that customers know if there is a spa, pool, rooftop bar etc. And any entertainment venues that are open during nighttime will use illuminated signs to attract customers.

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