How to Dress for the summer

In a country with varying seasons, it can be quite helpful to categorise your closet according to the weather. Winter clothes can be tucked away until the cold season comes and suitable clothing can be kept just within your reach ensuring you don’t have to keep looking for missing items. If you’re working at an office, you have to make sure that what you wear is professional as well as comfortable in the sweltering summer.

A good tip is to wear light colours. You will find that work wear usually comes in darker colours but these colours can make you a lot warmer as they tend to absorb more heat. Some of the lighter coloured clothing that you can keep for your office is a white linen blazer, a light coloured button up shirt or even a linen trouser that is ironed well and put together with suitable sandals. Most offices tend to be quite cold, if that is the case in your office, it is best to dress in layers. You can wear a cotton singlet that can be dressed up with a lighter coloured jacket with a lightweight fabric. You can keep the jacket on in the cold office and when you’re outside in the scorching heat, you can take the jacket off and take a breath of fresh air.

 You can also go for a one piece garment whether it is a dress or a jumpsuit. This will make sure that you’re not sweating inside a lot of layers of clothing. You can wear flats or closed toe shoes in the office. Flip flops are not very professional looking. A good compromise is a loafer that you can easily walk in.

Summer is the beach season. There are some things you have to factor in when selecting clothes to wear. It is best to buy your swimsuit early as it can be very difficult to find something that suits your preferences and also shows off your body well. But you have to choose something comfortable that you can wear to swim in ease. You may have seen many advertisements for beach cover ups but this is not essential. There are clothing items you can find in your own closet that can be repurposed as a cover up. One example is a large button-up shirt. This can be a cover up as well as a cute shirtdress. You can dress it up with a belt and some jewellery that is easy to remove when you’re going to have a swim. Lightweight dresses are also a good option for a cover-up.

Cotton fabrics are great for the summer as they can keep you cool given that they are breathable fabrics. It is best to stay away from heavy fabrics as they can be uncomfortable when soaked in sweat. But something you should always wear in the summer is sunscreen. It is important that you wear it in all seasons but summer is when you get the most exposure to skin. You can pick out a sunhat that will cover your face and 100% UV protective sunglasses to shield your eyes.