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Policies & Regulations

26 Nov 2008

Good Neighbour Charter Launch

The Good Neighbour Charter is a commitment by Tasmania’s forestry industry to engage in constructive and cooperative dialogue with their neighbours and was developed by the companies in consultation with local government, regional authorities, and farming and tourism groups to promote good communication between different industries.  Read more...

07 Jul 2008

UNESCO Endorses Tasmanian Forest Practices

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO has overwhelmingly endorsed the appropriateness of Tasmanian Forestry practices in its review of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA).   Read more...

29 May 2008

PAL Policy - Dangerous Precedent

The Tasmanian Government’s decision to create policy based restrictions on what crops private landowners can grow on their land is a very dangerous precedent for landowners.   Read more...

13 Mar 2008

RFA Review - A Mixed Bag

The report on the second five year review of Tasmania’s Regional Forestry Agreement released today is a mixed bag for the forest industry in the state.   Read more...

30 Nov 2007

Certainty Restored for Forest Industry with Wielangta Appeal Victory

The validity of RFA’s across Australia was today reaffirmed by the unanimous decision in the Full Federal Court to uphold the appeal by Forestry Tasmania to reverse the original Wielangta decision, which had put a halt to harvesting in the Wielangta forest. The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania Chief Executive, Terry Edwards, said “It is tremendous that nearly 11,000 forest industry employees will now have security returned to their jobs and that investor’s will now have certainty.”   Read more...

22 Feb 2007

Forest Industry Welcomes Restoration of RFA Intent

The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania welcomes the announcement by State and Federal Governments that the intent of the RFA has now been restored. This amendment will remove some of the uncertainty that has gripped the forest industry in the wake of the Wielangta Decision.  Read more...

07 Feb 2007

Forest Industry Welcomes Expansive Reserve Tour

The Director of the World Heritage Centre Francesco Bandarin has no doubt seen for himself today how ridiculous and extreme the Wilderness Society's push for an additional 7,500ha of the Weld Valley and 6000ha of the Upper Florentine to be included in the World Heritage Area truly is.  Read more...

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