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17 Feb 2012

McKim's Trade Mission Threat - A Cruel Attack

The announcement today by Tasmanian Cabinet Minister Nick McKim that he will travel to Asia to undermine Tasmania’s forestry industry is a cruel and sick attack on Tasmanian business and workers.  Read more...

13 Feb 2012

Ta Ann Job Losses - Governments Must Act

Tasmania's forest industry has reacted angrily to news that Ta Ann Tasmania has been forced to reduce its operations and workforce in Tasmania as a direct result of the loss of markets caused by eco-terrorism in Japan and Britain.  Read more...

21 Apr 2010

FIAT welcomes Bryan Green as Minister for Energy and Resources

The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) welcomes the announcement that Bryan Green has been appointed as Minister for Energy and Resources in the new Bartlett Cabinet which will include responsibility for forestry issues.  Read more...

20 Apr 2010

FIAT concerned over diametrically opposed policies

The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) has major concerns over how the Labor/Greens Coalition are going to govern Tasmania in regards to forestry issues.  Read more...

01 Apr 2010

McKim must show leadership

With the final counting in the State Election now complete, it is time for all parties to reflect on the wishes of the Tasmanian voters and adopt a positive, pragmatic approach to their role in governing the State for the next four years. The role of all political parties and their elected candidates is to demonstrate leadership in the wake of this election and to heal the rifts in the community, as with no majority party, all parties carry some obligation to act in the best interests of the community.  Read more...

10 Mar 2010

Greens Forest Policy - More of the Same

The Tasmanian Green Forests Transition Strategy demonstrates they have not moved from their ideological policy position of destroying jobs within the Tasmanian forest industry and a refusal to accept scientific findings that do not accord with that aspiration.  Read more...

06 Mar 2010

Greens promote woodchip exports to impose an illegal tax - Voodoo Economics at play

The Tasmanian Greens policy to buy out Tasmanian forest contractors through a levy on woodchip sales is fatally flawed and demonstrates that The Greens are hopelessly inadequate when it comes to economic management.  Read more...

02 Mar 2010

Liberals Forest Policy is Welcomed

The Tasmanian Liberal Party’s commitments to a sustainable and viable forest industry in the State have been welcomed by the peak forest industry body in Tasmania.  Read more...

26 Feb 2010

Forest Industry Welcomes ALP Support

Tasmania’s peak forest industry body welcomes the forest policy package announced this morning by Premier David Bartlett.  Read more...

05 Jun 2009

Senator Brown's ETS Stance Flawed

Federal Climate Change Minister Penny Wong must immediately rule out any deal with Greens leader Senator Bob Brown trading Australia’s forest industry for support for an ETS scheme.  Read more...

27 Oct 2008

Greens Challenged to see Law Enforced

The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) wishes to clearly state that it does not and has never condoned the use of violence as part of the forestry conflict in Tasmania.  Read more...

22 Nov 2007

Wilderness Society Pre-election Court Case Proved A Stunt

Today’s ruling, by the Federal Court, to throw out the Wilderness Society’s appeal against the pulp mills federal assessment process is evidence that the process was appropriate and thorough and that the Federal Court action by the Wilderness Society was nothing more than a stunt, said the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT).   Read more...

19 Nov 2007

Forest Industry Welcomes Coalition Forest Policy

The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) today welcomed the release of the Federal Coalition forest policy by the Federal Minister for Fisheries, Forestry and Conservation, Senator Eric Abetz. FIAT stated that the Coalition policy was a balanced approach to the environmental, economic and social issues relating to the forest industry.   Read more...

06 Jul 2007

Green Harrassment - Enough is Enough

The Greens anti-everything agenda has been highlighted yet again after their negative response to the release of two positive reports that supported the environmental credentials and economic benefits of the Gunns pulp mill proposal. The Forest industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) has welcomed the initiative by the CFMEU and other groups to take action to stop attacks from radical green groups threatening investment in Tasmania and forest industry jobs.  Read more...

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