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Cool Heads are required for Forest Agreement

14 Dec 2012

The Tasmanian forest industry has called for a calm and mature response from all Tasmanians following yesterdays decision of the Legislative Council to refer the Forests Agreement legislation to a Select Committee.

Chief Executive of the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania said “everyone is disappointed at the further delay in the finalisation of this long running issue, including us but nothing will be gained by over reacting to this decision and making damaging public commentary over it.”

The decision has now given the Signatories and everyone involved in the forestry debate an opportunity to demonstrate that the agreement we have reached is durable and is stable enough to withstand a “speed hump” like this.

“Clearly our call for calm applies equally to both the Tasmanian and Federal Governments and we urge them not to withdraw their support for the Agreement that we have all worked so hard for so long to achieve. In particular we urge Governments not to withdraw the funding commitments already made to ensure implementation of the outcome can occur effectively once the legislation is finally passed by the Parliament” Mr Edwards said.

Obviously we will encourage the Legislative Council to work through their processes as quickly as possible to ensure the delay is minimised and we commit to work with the Council to provide them assistance to work through the complexities of the Agreement and the Bill.

We remain committed to the agreement and believe that during this hiatus there are a number of issues within the agreement that can be progressed without the need for legislation and we can continue to work together on those issues.

“For our part, industry are prepared to support work being undertaken by both Governments to progress the World Heritage nomination process and we seek the strong support of the ENGO’s to support Ta Ann in their international market place to ensure they are not required to leave the State” Mr Edwards said.

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