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Letter to the Editor - Ta Ann

17 Feb 2012

Letter to the Editor

The current hue and cry by Nick McKim in which he accuses Tasmanian veneer producer Ta Ann Tasmania of telling lies has been a totally distasteful and unsavory performance by even his low standards. It is made worse given his position as a representative of the Crown as a Cabinet Minister in the State Government.

McKim says he will “not believe anything Ta Ann says” so why would they bother responding to his calls to provide information – he has already decided that he will not believe it!

If as McKim claims markets do not want Ta Anns products and the current loss of market is not due to environmental activism let him prove it – stop the market campaign and lets observe what actually happens.

I have no delusions that this will happen because McKim knows that the Ta Ann job losses are directly down to the eco-terrorism campaign that he is publically barracking for.

Terry Edwards
Chief Executive


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