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Ta Ann Job Losses - Governments Must Act

13 Feb 2012

Tasmania's forest industry has reacted angrily to news that Ta Ann Tasmania has been forced to reduce its operations and workforce in Tasmania as a direct result of the loss of markets caused by eco-terrorism in Japan and Britain.

Terry Edwards Chief Executive of the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania, the State's peak forest industry body, said "this announcement now renders the Intergovernmental Agreement process untenable for the industry and it is clear the environment movement have never had any interest in an orderly process towards a peaceful outcome."

From the very beginning of the process the environment movement have been intent on maintaining the charade of being part of the process whilst they barrack on the jobs destruction by their more extreme colleagues.

FIAT cannot and will not remain engaged in the IGA process whilst the State and Federal Governments refuse to take the necessary action to bring this eco-terrorism to an end Mr Edwards said.

FIAT will play no further role in the process around the implementation of the IGA until the Prime Minister and Premier, as the two signatories to the agreement, personally intervene to secure a cessation of the market based campaign against Ta Ann and other industry processors and ensure the markets lost by Ta Ann are restored. Anything short of this outcome will be unacceptable Mr Edwards said.

The forest industry have been calling on the State and Federal Governments for a number of months to take decisive and meaningful action to bring the campaign against Ta Ann Tasmania to an end but to date we have only seen media commentary rather than decisive action. We were heartened to some extent by recent media comments by Kim Carr however his stand against Markets for Change and Get-Up appears to be at this stage only a one-man crusade.

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