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Old Growth Forest

The following definition is the agreed National operational interpretation of old growth forest as outlined in the JANIS Report “Nationally Agreed Criteria for the Establishment of a Comprehensive, Adequate and Representative Reserve System for Forest in Australia”, published by the joint ANZECC/MCFFA National Forests Policy Statement Implementation Sub-committee in June 1997. (Source:

In a purely ecological sense oldgrowth eucalypt forest is temporary. All of our forests have been regenerated many times over by wildfire. Wildfire regeneration is responsible for the old eucalypt forests we have now. Most of our mature forest would have been young regeneration in 1803 when the first European settlers arrived and it would not have existed when Abel Tasman sailed past in 1642. It is impossible to estimate how much oldgrowth forest once existed as the forests have been subjected to natural disturbance for millennia.

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