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Letters to the Editor

Editor - Mercury, Advocate, Examiner 29/05/2009

29 May 2009

Opponents of the Tasmanian pulp mill at Bell Bay continue to misrepresent
the truth. Geoffrey Cousins said millions of tonnes of dioxin will be poured
into Bass Strait. He is wrong. The maximum volume will be less than a grain
of rice per year - a miniscule amount, and less than that produced by the
wood heaters of Launceston.

The Wilderness Society wish to perpetrate the myth that old growth forests
will be destroyed to feed the mill. They are wrong. No old growth material will
be used in the mill, which will be reliant on younger plantation and regrowth

Others talk of negative employment impacts. They are wrong. Employment
opportunities will be enhanced by the presence of the mill. Over 2200 people
will be employed during the construction phase and over 1600 people will be dependent on the mill once it is operational. These figures are from the Allen Consulting Group's Report into the economic
impacts of the mill.

The Greens argue the mill will be a polluter. This is also untrue. The mill will
have to meet the highest emission standards as laid down by both the
Commonwealth and State Government authorities and will be the cleanest
mill in the world.

It is time these perpetrators of falsehoods were held to account. Their level of
misrepresentation is appalling and dishonest, and is tantamount to economic

Dr Julian Amos

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