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Helen Pryor - Examiner 21/10/2009

21 Oct 2009

If all that Helen Pryor says in her letter (Letters 21/10) in reply to the MBA was correct it would be difficult to disagree.

Unfortunately much of what she says is not quite correct.

The additional cost of the 5 Star Energy Rating System on an average house will be approximately $20,000.  Given most home builders will need to borrow that additional money and it will attract interest.

The pay back period to recoup these addition costs through energy savings is at a minimum 20 years and more likely 40 years with sloping ground.  These are the most conservative estimates.

In terms of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions the new policy is likely to have an adverse and perverse outcome as it will favour the use of concrete, steel and aluminium over a much friendlier product in timber.

Terry Edwards
Chief Executive

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