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John Callister - Advocate 28/09/2009

28 Sep 2009

We wholeheartedly agree with John Callister’s comments (letters 28 Sep)
regarding the massive piles of woodchips on the Burnie foreshore.

We are confident Michael Aird and Premier David Bartlett, along with most
Tasmanians, would also like to see an end to the piles of woodchips and what
better way is there, than a value adding project turning woodchips into pulp in
a Tasmanian pulp mill.

It is ironic and instructive however that Mr Callister uses industry management
practices to attack the forest industry when all of the other industries he
mentions use one or more of those practices in their daily operations.

Unfortunately Mr Callister’s original and well founded comment supporting the
need for downstream processing is weakened by the politics inherent in the
rest of his letter.

Terry Edwards

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