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Editor - Mercury, Advocate 05/01/2010

5 Jan 2010

The latest conservation group to rear its head, “Our Common Ground”, would
appear to have a confused message. It argues for an end to the forest
conflict but then presents a solution which would wipe out the industry. It
argues for an end to the use of native forest timbers but praises the Ta Ann
investment for further downstream processing of native timbers. It argues the
market has moved on from using native forest timber and yet we have an
industry whose whole existence depends on the market continuing its use of
native timber.

It states plantation timber is the future and yet would appear blissfully
unaware that young plantation timber cannot substitute for the more mature
product. Plantation timber is a great source of fibre for a pulp mill but it
argues against the development of a pulp mill.

The group says it wants to establish dialogue, but has now embarked on a PR
campaign without any attempt to do so with those organisations they would
put out of business. It has already decided that its solution is the only
solution. Putting industry out of business does not seem to be a particularly
sophisticated approach to “resolving the conflict in our forests”.

DR Julian Amos
FIAT Chairman

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