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Phil Pullinger - Examiner 26/10/2009

26 Oct 2009

The concerns of Phil Pullinger (Letters 22/10/09) for the current difficulties facing forest contractors are nothing more than crocodile tears.

Mr Pullinger and the members of Environment Tasmania can take substantial credit/blame for the plight of contractors due to the incredible proportions of Tasmania’s forest areas they have secured for environmental purposes.

In excess of 47% of Tasmania’s total forest area is excluded from harvesting through reserves including almost 80% of old growth forest and 97% of high quality wilderness.

Mr Pullinger can’t have it both ways remove all of this resource from the industry and expect it to still be able to employ the same number of people. A commercially viable industry cannot operate in such a manner.

Please Mr Pullinger spare us your self-serving sermons and false concern for forest contractors and accept the outcomes of your efforts.

Terry Edwards
Chief Executive


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