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Editor - Mercury 01/10/2009

1 Oct 2009

I wish to congratulate the Mercury for its balanced, well thought out Editorial on 1 October 2009 (Industrial Strength Politics).  Unfortunately on the same day the Greens, led by Nick McKim are reported publically denigrating this investment opportunity through pursuit of narrow minded mantras.

There can be no doubt Tasmania needs a diversified economic base as too great a focus on any one sector would be a high risk strategy.  We have ample room for very sustainable tourism, manufacturing, mining and forestry sectors with the potential to diversify even further with additional value adding opportunities.

Failure to seize opportunities when they present, or adopting a negative stance before any information on a project is known is highly destructive to an external investor’s view of Tasmania as a place to do business.

Visits from leading politicians to encourage such investments, such as Treasurer Michael Aird’s recent trips to Europe are vital and a completely normal part of attracting significant investment to the State to support our economy and lifestyle aspirations.

It is vital to the State economic well being that we convey an “Open for Business” attitude to external investment as incessant negativity will drive away opportunity and with it the opportunity for our children and grand-children to live in Tasmania to enjoy all of the many benefits our State has to offer.

Terry Edwards
Chief Executive

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