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Increased Demand for Sawn Timber keeps Jobs

4 May 2009

An increase in the demand for sawn timber means planned harvesting needs to proceed in the Upper Florentine Valley to ensure saw millers can supply their customers.

Forest Industries Association of Tasmania CEO Terry Edwards said the processing sector, like many others in Tasmania, had been suffering reduced demand due to economic conditions but there are now some signs of an improving outlook and it is imperative that supply of quality saw logs to the mills is ramped back up to accommodate that demand.

FIAT congratulates Forestry Tasmania for taking steps to resume the supply of high quality sawlogs from the Florentine Valley to supply the needs of the sawmills.

“With a forecasted higher unemployment rate throughout Australia as a result of the global economic crisis, Tasmanian workers need to be able to go about their business and retain employment and be certain about the supply of the resources necessary to undertake those roles,” Mr Edwards said.

“If the supply of high quality sawlogs to our mills is not increased or is disrupted by anti-forestry extremists it will place considerable additional pressure on sawmills to retain their workforces.

“The processing of this timber represents a significant adding of value to our forest resource and facilitates the supply of the quality timber the community are demanding.

FIAT said the forest industry already contributes between 1.4 and 1.6 billion dollars per year to the Tasmanian economy and the coupe to be harvested will provide $2 million to the local economy.

“It will provide a direct injection of funds into the Derwent Valley area which is an enormous positive for the area,” Mr Edwards said.

“The Derwent Valley area currently has 32 per cent of its workforce employed in forestry.


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