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Forest Activism

28 Jan 2010

Campaign Reveals Group as Greens in Disguise

Tasmania’s forest industry says the latest campaign advertisement from the group ‘Our Common Ground’ clearly shows that it is simply a front for the Wilderness Society and other radical conservationist groups.  Read more...

09 Oct 2009

Wilderness Society Claim Fails

A complaint to the ACCC by The Wilderness Society against an advertising campaign being run by Forest and Wood Products Australia has failed.  Read more...

26 Feb 2009

FIAT Slams Advice given by Anti-Whaling Activist

Forest Industries Association of Tasmania Chief Executive, Terry Edwards, said he was appalled and disgusted with advice given to anti-forestry activists regarding tree spiking by anti-whaling activist Paul Watson.  Read more...

13 Jan 2009

Forest Activists MUST be held to Account

The continuing refusal of anti-forestry activists to comply with the law of the land and the directions of Tasmania Police has reached the point of high farce and it is time for them to be held to account.  Read more...

03 Nov 2008

FIAT Slams Activists Peace Talks as Media Stunt

Forest Industries Association of Tasmania Chairman, Dr Julian Amos, said the proposal by Still Wild Still Threatened and the Huon Valley Environment Centre was nothing more than a media stunt designed to keep their names in the public arena.   Read more...

23 Oct 2008

Forest Protestors must accept the Blame for Violence

Tasmania’s peak forest industry body whilst clearly stating that it does not support violence against anti-forestry protestors said the protestors themselves have created an environment where extreme reactions from contractors whose livelihoods are being affected was virtually inevitable.   Read more...

01 Feb 2008

Industry Condemns Illegal Activity

Yesterday Tasmanian Greens Leader Peg Putt called on forest industry leaders to publicly condemn violent intimidation of protesters. Forest Industries Association Chief Executive, Terry Edwards, whilst taking up this call, goes further by condemning any form of illegal activity.   Read more...

23 Aug 2007

Cousins Should Put Up or Shut Up

The campaign by rich New South Wales businessman Jeffrey Cousins against Malcolm Turnbull demonstrates an all care no responsibility approach. Forest Industries Association of Tasmania Chief Executive Terry Edwards said �Cousins announced intention to campaign against Turnbull in his marginal Sydney seat of Wentworth without himself nominating for the seat was a cowardly act of bullying.   Read more...

17 Jul 2007

Wilderness Society Facade Finally Crumbles

The Forest Industries Association of Tasmania is disgusted but not surprised by the totally unprofessional and churlish gutter tactics employed by the Wilderness Society to disrupt the pro-development rally in Launceston on Thursday.  Read more...

19 Feb 2007

Protest Activity Threatens Resource Supply

The illegal activity of the forest protestors is once again threatening resource supply for the forest industry as laid down in the RFA and TCFA.  Read more...

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