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Forest Activism

05 Jan 2010

Editor - Mercury, Advocate 05/01/2010

The latest conservation group to rear its head, “Our Common Ground”, would appear to have a confused message. It argues for an end to the forest conflict but then presents a solution which would wipe out the industry. It argues for an end to the use of native forest timbers but praises the Ta Ann investment for further downstream processing of native timbers. It argues the market has moved on from using native forest timber and yet we have an industry whose whole existence depends on the market continuing its use of native timber.  Read more...

05 Mar 2009

Paul Watson - Mercury 05/03/2009

Paul Watson’s attempts at literary gymnastics (letters 28 Feb) would be really quite laughable if the consequences of his advocated anarchy were not so serious.  Read more...

19 Feb 2009

Nanette Shaw - Advocate 19/02/2009

Freedom of Speech or Anarchy? Nanette Shaw (Letters 02/02/09) somewhat perversely claims that because protestors are required to conduct their activities within the law it is proof that Gunns own Tasmania’s old growth forests.   Read more...

19 Dec 2008

Editor - Mercury 19/12/2008

Greens leader Nick McKim’s recent comments in support of protestor action at Triabunna show a complete disregard for the law and an appalling lack of respect for hard working Tasmanians.  Read more...

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