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Pulp Mill

05 Aug 2009

John Day - 05/08/2009

The ill-informed commentary from John Day, Chairman of the TAP group, should not be allowed to pass without comment.  Read more...

29 May 2009

Editor - Mercury, Advocate, Examiner 29/05/2009

Opponents of the Tasmanian pulp mill at Bell Bay continue to misrepresent the truth. Geoffrey Cousins said millions of tonnes of dioxin will be poured into Bass Strait. He is wrong. The maximum volume will be less than a grain of rice per year - a miniscule amount, and less than that produced by the wood heaters of Launceston.  Read more...

06 Dec 2007

Alan Millward - Mercury 06/12/2007

Alan Millward asks why the pulp mill effluent is not able to be recycled (Letters 6/12/07). The effluent from the pulp mill cannot be recycled because it is too saline. This has nothing to do with the chemical content of the effluent, which is very low and would be safe enough to drink, it is because it has the salt content of sea water and desalination is economically prohibitive.   Read more...

30 Nov 2007

N Swain - Mercury 30/11/2007

Naomi Swain asks why the pulp mill effluent is not able to be recycled (Letters 30/11/07). The effluent from the pulp mill cannot be recycled because it is too saline.   Read more...

31 Oct 2007

K Plowman - Mercury 31/10/2007

Kane Plowman asked why Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull didn’t demand a climate change impact assessment of the pulp mill (Letters 27/10/07). A greenhouse gas assessment for the pulp mill already exists on the public record in the integrated impact statement (   Read more...

05 Sep 2007

J Harris - The Examiner 05/09/2007

J Harris is concerned that the pulp mill cannot co-exist with the fishing industry (Letters 3/9/07). Firstly, a pulp mill has been discharging effluent into the ocean on the opposite side of Bass Strait (Maryvale pulp mill) for 70 years with no significant impact on the marine environment.   Read more...

28 Aug 2007

The Editor - Mercury, Examiner, Advocate 28/08/2007

The arguments of those opposed to the pulp mill border on the surreal. Let us put some facts on the table.   Read more...

22 Aug 2007

John Hammond - The Australian 22/08/2007

John Hammond is walking a fine line claiming that if Gunns proposed pulp mill is approved in Tasmania “we are going to have to shut down the whole northern fishing industry” (Industries in 11th hour bid to stop mill 21/8/07).   Read more...

15 Aug 2007

Don Davey - Examiner 15/08/2007

Don Davey questions why the pulp mill debate has not queried whether to continue with world deforestation (Letters 14/8/07). He notes that it is third world countries that are being affected by deforestation.   Read more...

15 Aug 2007

Graeme Pennicottt - Examiner 15/08/2007

Graeme Pennicott questions the best available technology status of Gunns proposed pulp mill based on a comparison with the Penola pulp mill in South Australia (Letters 14/8/07). It is not correct to do so.  Read more...

09 Aug 2007

The Editor - Mercury 09/08/2007

Sue Neales most recent efforts at investigative journalism demonstrates either her complete misunderstanding of her subject or a blatant desire to undermine the Gunns pulp mill.   Read more...

20 Jul 2007

Gerard Castles - Mercury 20/07/2007

Gerard Castles (Letters 19/7/07) writes that the nice images being advertised of Tasmania’s pristine wilderness do not match the reality and asks how a pulp mill matches Tasmania’s brand.   Read more...

12 Jan 2007

The Editor - Advocate 12/01/2007

Your editorial on the current fiasco over the RPDC assessment of the Gunns pulp mill proposal is worthy of comment.   Read more...

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