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17 Feb 2012

Letter to the Editor - Ta Ann

The current hue and cry by Nick McKim in which he accuses Tasmanian veneer producer Ta Ann Tasmania of telling lies has been a totally distasteful and unsavory performance by even his low standards. It is made worse given his position as a representative of the Crown as a Cabinet Minister in the State Government.  Read more...

30 Mar 2010

Timber and Politics

The recent election has seen anti-forestry groups claiming the result was a major win in the forestry debate for The Greens. Any objective analysis of the result and the campaign shows this is not so.  Read more...

14 Sep 2009

Forest Education Foundation

The Forest Education Foundation (FEF) secured funding for the development of a National Forest Learning Centre, to be based in Forestry Tasmania’s exhibition hall in Hobart.  Read more...

05 May 2009

Pulp Mill - ABC Online opinion article

Tasmania’s forest industry peak body Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) said the ongoing misinformation campaign by anti pulp mill groups with false information is very misguided.  Read more...

01 Dec 2008

Good Neighbour Charter

The Good Neighbour Charter is a public commitment by Tasmania’s forest industry to engage in constructive and cooperative dialogue with their neighbours and to promote good communication between different industries with a view to improving relationships between forestry companies and neighbouring landowners.  Read more...

16 Jul 2008

Employment in the forest industry

Tasmania’s forest industry positively contributes to the state in an economic sense and for employment. A recent report, Forestry, jobs and spending: forest industry employment and expenditure in Tasmania, 2005-06, provides a detailed picture of the Tasmanian forest industry, including the number and types of businesses in the industry, and the employment and spending generated by the industry.  Read more...

19 Jun 2008

Wood is Good

Wood is stored greenhouse gas - held together with stored sunlight. If we are serious about trying to address greenhouse and the resulting climate change we should be growing and using more forests, for sustainable energy-efficient products that store carbon and for sustainable biomass-based energy systems. Use more wood not less.  Read more...

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