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Media Releases

14 Dec 2012

Cool Heads are required for Forest Agreement

The Tasmanian forest industry has called for a calm and mature response from all Tasmanians following yesterdays decision of the Legislative Council to refer the Forests Agreement legislation to a Select Committee.  Read more...

17 May 2012

Intergovernmental Agreement on forestry

All signatory groups involved in the discussions to implement the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement today called for cool heads and clear space for negotiations to progress.  Read more...

17 Feb 2012

McKim's Trade Mission Threat - A Cruel Attack

The announcement today by Tasmanian Cabinet Minister Nick McKim that he will travel to Asia to undermine Tasmania’s forestry industry is a cruel and sick attack on Tasmanian business and workers.  Read more...

13 Feb 2012

Ta Ann Job Losses - Governments Must Act

Tasmania's forest industry has reacted angrily to news that Ta Ann Tasmania has been forced to reduce its operations and workforce in Tasmania as a direct result of the loss of markets caused by eco-terrorism in Japan and Britain.  Read more...

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