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Economic Values


Tasmania’s forest industry positively contributes to the state in an economic sense and for employment.

A recent report, Forestry, jobs and spending: forest industry employment and expenditure in Tasmania, 2005-06, provides a detailed picture of the Tasmanian forest industry, including the number and types of businesses in the industry, and the employment and spending generated by the industry.

Author Dr Jacki Schirmer said the report provided a comprehensive understanding of where forestry jobs are located in Tasmania and the types of employment generated by the industry. Dr Jacki Schirmer

Tasmania’s forest industry positively contributes to the state in an economic sense and for employment.

The report showed the industry directly employed 6,300 people with 68.3 per cent of those employed in the native forest sector and 31.7 per cent in the plantation sector.

Expenditure in 2006 by the forest industry in Tasmania was between 1.4 and 1.6 billion dollars.

The north of the state had the highest expenditure and employment numbers showing the industry is an important and viable aspect to northern Tasmania.

The Derwent Valley has the highest proportion (32 per cent) of their workforce employed in the forest industry.

A significant finding is that many people work in casual and part-time positions with little security to provide for their families whereas in the forest industry there is a greater chance of achieving a full time stable position.

It should be noted this report is conservative in its assessment of the total number of employees in the industry as it has excluded some important industry sectors due to difficulty in obtaining data.  The actual employment data and financial contribution of the industry would be significantly higher if this data could be included.

Employment in the industry is enormously diverse with jobs ranging from entry level through to degree requirements.

The report can be downloaded from and printed copies can be obtained by emailing 




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