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Don Davey - Examiner 15/08/2007

15 Aug 2007

Don Davey questions why the pulp mill debate has not queried whether to
continue with world deforestation (Letters 14/8/07). He notes that it is third
world countries that are being affected by deforestation.

Don Davey is correct in bringing this important consideration into the pulp mill
debate. Tasmania’s sustainably managed forests are regenerated after
harvesting and our forest area is increasing every year. The WWF found that
Australia has an ecological surplus with our forests growing at 4.5 times the
rate that they are being harvested. Despite this, Australia has a trade deficit
of over $2 billion dollars in forest and wood products, including paper.

Included in the top 5 countries that we are importing from are Indonesia and
Malaysia who have far less regulation than we do and where deforestation
through illegal logging is rife. Deforestation in Indonesia has made it the third
largest contributor to greenhouse gases in the world.

Deforestation in third world countries is not a reason to stop the building of a
pulp mill in Tasmania; it is precisely the reason why we should. We have a
moral imperative to produce as much of our own needs as possible and stop
relying on third world countries to produce forest and wood products for us.


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