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The Editor - Advocate 12/01/2007

12 Jan 2007

Your editorial on the current fiasco over the RPDC assessment of the Gunns pulp mill proposal is worthy of comment.

FIAT agree that it is now time that someone took control of this process and brought it to fruition based on the evidence provided or made a decision that the mill does not meet the environmental guidelines and should not proceed.

Unfortunately the saga around the assessment process is almost a natural corollary of the process that is required to be followed in this State and was virtually impossible to avoid given the predictable politically inspired opposition that will come from anti-everything campaigners.

Business confidence is taking a real hammering through the endless delays the approvals process takes in Tasmania, which largely says to potential investors that the State does not want investment. 

I applaud your conclusion that business needs certainty, that goal appears to be increasingly illusory.  A fundamental overhaul to simplify the process to one that assesses a proposal against clear predetermined guidelines without the longwinded public saga associated with Gunns proposal would be the best way to provide that certainty.

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