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01 Oct 2009

Editor - Mercury 01/10/2009

I wish to congratulate the Mercury for its balanced, well thought out Editorial on 1 October 2009 (Industrial Strength Politics). Unfortunately on the same day the Greens, led by Nick McKim are reported publically denigrating this investment opportunity through pursuit of narrow minded mantras.  Read more...

07 Jul 2009

E Ross - Mercury 07/07/2009

I suggest Estelle Ross (letters, 4 Jul) has a look at the recent study done by IMC Link and economist Dr Bruce Felmingham regarding subsidies in a number of Tasmanian industries. The report can be found on the Forestry Tasmania website.  Read more...

07 Feb 2007

Jeff Jennings - Examiner 07/02/2007

Jeff Jennings claims (Letters 7/2/07) regarding the sale of the North East softwood resource are well off the mark and require correction.   Read more...

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