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Tasmania's Regional Forest Agreement

The Federal and State Governments undertook a comprehensive review of the complex environmental, social and economic values in forests throughout Tasmania to provide for sustainable forest management.

The information was used to develop a legally binding contract called the Regional Forest Agreement (RFA). It came into force in 1997 and has a 20-year term. Progress is monitored every five years.

The key outcomes were:

  1. A comprehensive, adequate and representative reserve system (CAR) of our forest species.
  2. Multiple-use forests to supply a range of community needs, in particular wood production.
  3. State legislation to control planning and the conduct of forest operations.

Tasmania’s Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) was signed and implemented in 1997 and lasts for 20 years. The RFA identified a number of indicators that are monitored every five years.

The RFA delivered a world-class outcome for the conservation of forests and greater certainty of access for industry.

In 2005 the RFA Supplentary Agreement called the Tasmanian Communite Forest Agreement (TCFA) was signed.

The Agreement achieved:

  • Protection of old growth forest.  Bringing the total area of old growth forest protected to over 1,000,000 hectares (81%)
  • Reduction of clearfelling of old growth forest on public land
  • A phase out of clearing and conversion of native forest to retain at least 95% of the 1996 Native Forest Estate.
  • Assistance for industry to retool to assist in transition to a changing resource

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