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2020 Vision for the future

In 1996, the Australian government, together with industry, agreed on a strategy to further develop plantation forestry in Australia so that plantation forests become a sustainable and profitable long rotation crop with significant private sector investment.

The development of both softwood and hardwood plantations will complement the production of wood from native forests managed on a sustainable basis through Regional Forest Agreements.  

It was seen that returning trees to the landscape, as a profitable crop will also significantly benefit the environment.

The 2020 Vision seeks to treble the effective area of Australia's plantations between 1996 and 2020. This will add 2 million hectares to the 1996 plantation estate of a little over 1 million hectares. Most of the recent plantation establishment on the mainland of Australia and Tasmania has been hardwood with the pine estate remaining relatively constant.

Tasmania had 237,000ha of plantation; 7 per cent of Australia's softwood plantation estate and 22 per cent of Australia's hardwood plantation estate, as at June 2006.

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