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21 Oct 2009

Helen Pryor - Examiner 21/10/2009

If all that Helen Pryor says in her letter (Letters 21/10) in reply to the MBA was correct it would be difficult to disagree.  Read more...

28 Sep 2009

John Callister - Advocate 28/09/2009

We wholeheartedly agree with John Callister’s comments (letters 28 Sep) regarding the massive piles of woodchips on the Burnie foreshore.  Read more...

29 Oct 2008

Suzie Donkers - Examiner 29/10/2008

Suzie Donkers (letters 24 Oct) is very misinformed if she feels Tasmania’s forestry practices compare with what’s happening in Indonesia.   Read more...

18 Aug 2008

Editor - Mercury 18/08/2008

The recent article by Peter Boyer on the ongoing forest debate is illuminating. Boyer presents at public forums as a serious-minded individual, searching for truth, separating the scientific wheat from the chaff and desiring to present a balanced view. He condemns people for being selective with the truth and thereby confusing the debate, but then does exactly the same himself.   Read more...

08 Aug 2008

Will Mooney - Mercury 08/08/2008

Will Mooney (Letters 08/08/08) responds with the usual angst and emotive language we have come to expect from those who wish nothing more than a complete closure of the forest industry.   Read more...

31 Jul 2008

Rick Cordell - Advocate 31/07/2008

Rick Cordell’s letter (26 July) asserts that “forests have regenerated since the year dot and will ever more”.   Read more...

21 Jul 2008

Lisa Cuatt - Mercury 21/07/2008

Lisa Cuatt (letters 19 Jul) said her daughter was concerned there would be no trees left after logging in the Wielangta Forest. Logging has occurred in this area for at least 100 years. The fact that we now have people protesting shows the forest lives on through regeneration.   Read more...

22 Apr 2008

A Rowlands - Advocate 22/04/2008

Arnold Rowlands continues to use obfuscation and innuendo to further his own political ideology at the expense of scientifically credible facts.   Read more...

03 Mar 2008

E Ross - Examiner 03/03/2008

Estelle Ross (March 1) would like to see Tasmania more agricultural than forestry, however these two important industries are able to operate within the state harmoniously.   Read more...

02 Aug 2007

M F Howe - Examiner 02/08/2007

M.F. Howe was right to question my comments regarding sawing of plantation timber (Letters 19/7/07) and correctly stated that Forest Enterprises Australia has been successfully sawing plantation grown timber for commodity grade purposes such as house construction for some time.  Read more...

16 Feb 2007

Lilia Letsch - Mercury 16/02/2007

Lilia Letsch’s comments (Letters 16/2/07) require a response. Every time protestors illegally enter a forestry exclusion zone they not only put the lives of themselves and the forest contractors at risk, they damage the livelihoods of forestry families.   Read more...

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