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26 Nov 2007

The Editor - Mercury 26/11/2007

The claims of Dr Bob Brown that the vote on Saturday (Nov 24, 2007) showed a rising level of support against the pulp mill cannot be allowed to pass without challenge. To do so would be to allow a fiction to be accepted as fact.  Read more...

26 Jul 2007

Susan Austin - Mercury 26/07/2007

Susan Austin, a Socialist Alliance candidate for Denison, writes that if Mr. Rudd “was serious about preserving jobs and the environment he would introduce major reforms to switch to sustainable forestry practices” (Letters 26/7/07).   Read more...

17 Jul 2007

The Editor - Mercury 17/07/2007

Sue Neales article on the role of opposition parties is astonishing (Talking Point, 14/7/07). Ms Neales writes “put bluntly, all seven Liberal politicians in the lower house are paid by the public purse to oppose”.   Read more...

09 Jul 2007

Rebecca Gottschalk - Examiner 09/07/2007

Rebecca Gottschalk (Your Say 9/7/07) is misguided in her comments that “The Greens have a forest policy that is supportive of the timber industry and jobs.”   Read more...

08 Jun 2007

The Editor - Mercury, Examiner, Advocate 08/06/2007

The Greens visit to Japan undermines not only the forest industry but the whole Tasmanian economy. Their slandering of our forest industry actually undermines our clean green image overseas and seriously damages our economy including tourism and other industries that rely on this image.   Read more...

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