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Letters to the Editor

05 Jan 2010

Editor - Mercury, Advocate 05/01/2010

The latest conservation group to rear its head, “Our Common Ground”, would appear to have a confused message. It argues for an end to the forest conflict but then presents a solution which would wipe out the industry. It argues for an end to the use of native forest timbers but praises the Ta Ann investment for further downstream processing of native timbers. It argues the market has moved on from using native forest timber and yet we have an industry whose whole existence depends on the market continuing its use of native timber.  Read more...

26 Oct 2009

Phil Pullinger - Examiner 26/10/2009

The concerns of Phil Pullinger (Letters 22/10/09) for the current difficulties facing forest contractors are nothing more than crocodile tears.  Read more...

21 Oct 2009

Helen Pryor - Examiner 21/10/2009

If all that Helen Pryor says in her letter (Letters 21/10) in reply to the MBA was correct it would be difficult to disagree.  Read more...

01 Oct 2009

Editor - Mercury 01/10/2009

I wish to congratulate the Mercury for its balanced, well thought out Editorial on 1 October 2009 (Industrial Strength Politics). Unfortunately on the same day the Greens, led by Nick McKim are reported publically denigrating this investment opportunity through pursuit of narrow minded mantras.  Read more...

28 Sep 2009

John Callister - Advocate 28/09/2009

We wholeheartedly agree with John Callister’s comments (letters 28 Sep) regarding the massive piles of woodchips on the Burnie foreshore.  Read more...

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