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Economic Values

Tasmania has a strong, competitive advantage in the Australian and South-East Asian markets for timber and timber products.

Tasmania's Forests exhibit excellent timber quality and growth rates. Tasmania also has a well-established infrastructure and highly-equipped and trained workforce. Tasmania's forest industry is looking to continued expansion by increasing its volume and greater downstream processing.


About 6,300 people are directly employed in Tasmania's forestry industry. Most of the employment is in rural areas and is an essential part of many small communities.  Read more...

Value Adding

The forest industry forms an important part of Tasmania's economy. The wood and paper industries generated a turnover of $1.27 billion in 2000. That is equivalent to the total of the combined State Government expenditure on education and health.  Read more...

Pulp and Paper

Countries with high standards of living are large consumers of paper products. Australia consumed 3.6 million tonnes of paper products in 2000-01 - about 180 kg per person. Per person consumption of paper products in Australia is similar to consumption in the United Kingdom but substantially lower than in more highly industrialised countries such as Germany, Japan, Sweden and the United States, which are major producers and exporters of manufactured goods.  Read more...

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