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Tasmania is Australia's island state, situated south of the mainland at a latitude of about 42 degrees South. Tasmania's temperate climate is ideal for growing trees. Forests are a dominant feature of the landscape.

About half of the land surface is forested. Tasmania's forest and wood products industry directly employs approximately 6,300 people and contributes between $1.4-1.6 billion annually to the State's economy. 

Tasmania leads Australia with the establishment of a comprehensive reserve system totalling 44 per cent of the land surface area.

Land Use in Tasmania

Tasmania's land coverage is divided into public and private forests, native shrub and grass, agricultural land, urban development and inland waters  Read more...

Tasmania's Reserve System

The Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) delivered a world-class forest reserve system that is comprehensive and representative. To determine the appropriate level of reservation, the RFA considered domestic and international standards.  Read more...

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