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Tasmanian Special Timbers

Tasmanian Special Timbers Pty Ltd was formed by two Tasmanian pioneer milling families in 1993/94. The two companies, C A Bradshaw & Co Pty Ltd and Morrison's Huon Pine Sawmill, have been in operation since 1936 and 1940 respectively.

The dynamic new company, Tasmanian Special Timbers Pty Ltd, is the premier provider of quality kiln dried Tasmanian timbers and is:

  • Recognised within the industry as reliable providers of quality special timbers
  • Recognised by Forestry Tasmania as responsible and progressive millers and marketers of Tasmanian special timbers
  • Recognised by ASG as a certified provider of timber

Combined industry knowledge and skills ensure Tasmanian Special Timbers Pty Ltd has the enviable position of being the major supplier of Australia's icon, Tasmania's Huon Pine. Other species supplied include Tasmanian:

  • Blackwood - Acacia melanoxylon
  • Celery Top - Phyllocladus aspleniifolius
  • King William Pine Athrotaxis selaginoides
  • Leatherwood - Eucryphi lucida
  • Myrtle - Nothofagus cunninghamii
  • Sassafras - Atherosperma moschatum

Tasmanian Special Timbers Pty Ltd profitably and effectively utilizes and markets quality assured, milled, dried and dressed Tasmanian special timbers and craftwood to targeted customers world-wide.

Contact Tas Special Timbers:

PO Box 210, Queenstown, Tas, 7467
Ph: 03 6471 1688

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